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Agile and responsive product design and development for communications partners.

The fast-moving telecommunications world demands electronics that can be brought to market both rapidly and cost effectively. With weight and size optimisation being key objectives for designers in the telecommunications sector, the need for a partner with the very latest placement technologies, assembly integration as well as life-cycle and environmental test becomes particularly important.

STI has been working with intricate and complex devices for several years now, with near-perfect processing and consistently high yields. STI’s extensive development and test facilities – combined with world-class manufacturing capabilities – make us an excellent electronics solutions partner for your all your product requirements.

STI Ltd is a long-standing and valued partner of Xtera. STI’s engineering expertise is utilised in highly complex manufacturing processes, such as fibre optic splicing and electronics assembly, required for Xtera’s high performance repeaters, branching units and amplifiers.  As a key supplier of subsea and telecoms technology, Xtera insists upon the highest standards of quality to ensure that it delivers high reliability products to its customers…

Keith Henderson, Founder and CEO, Xtera