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Aerospace, Defence & Security

Aerospace, Defence & Security

Product excellence for the aerospace and defence sectors for over three decades.

STI has a longstanding and enviable history of supply excellence to the aerospace, defence and security sectors. Proud to support mission-critical applications across all domains, we help our customers meet the most challenging technological demands. An end-to-end partner, STI provides electronics design and manufacturing solutions in both printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) and full box-build manufacturing.

Mission-critical products – built & supplied to the very highest standards

Electronics for use in the satellite and space exploration sector require exceptional levels of reliability. At STI we achieve this through stringent process control and the very latest technology for assembled board inspection. With the added value of lifetime testing, the customer has the confidence that the assembly will function consistently to the design specification.

STI Ltd is a valued and respected partner. Over the past ten plus years, Allen-Vanguard has come to rely on STI throughout all aspects of the manufacturing process. An exemplar of end-to-end customer service we have come to depend on STI’s unsurpassed manufacturing capabilities and supply chain management expertise. Our operationally-proven Electronic Countermeasure (ECM) technology solutions are used by military, law enforcement and security personnel in situations where failure is not an option. We have every confidence in STI to deliver high quality products on time, every time…

Michael Dithurbide, President, Allen-Vanguard Corporation