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Typhoon Haiyan: Company Update and Situation Report

Typhoon Haiyan: Company Update and Situation Report

Typhoon Haiyan (or, locally, Typhoon Yolanda) was the second most powerful typhoon on record, hitting the Philippines on 7th & 8th November. As we previously reported, we were fortunate that STI-P’s infrastructure and staff suffered no losses but we are now dealing with the secondary effects of the devastation on family members and the wider community.

We have over 20 members of staff whose families are homeless as they were living in the worst hit areas and some are living in makeshift shelters, temporary evacuation centers or with other family members. A few members of staff have suffered the tragic loss of family members whilst three are still anxiously awaiting news of missing relatives. 

On Saturday 16th November an STI-P Team, led by Danny Romero, our Head of Sales, drove to the worst affected areas to deliver food packs.  The team put 122 packages together (containing 2kg of rice, 4 cans of sardines, cookies/bread and a bottle of water) and delivered them to 2 collection points in Tacloban. 

“I can’t begin to tell you how appreciative everyone was to receive our support and I was very humbled.  I was extremely glad to be able to offer our help and proud to be part of the STI-P team; this isn’t just a one-off effort,” said Danny, “we will be making more journeys like this.  The food is absolutely vital, but looking ahead, the next requirement will be things like wood, nails and construction materials as families need to rebuild their homes”.

STI’s UK staff are currently fundraising and have rattled tins at each other, baked cakes and cooked hundreds of onion bhajis and samosas to help the cause.  We are also extremely grateful for the voluntary contributions we have received from our customers and suppliers – the plight of the Philippines has touched many in our industry. While the STI-P factory was quickly back to business as usual, the task of rebuilding the worst affected areas will take a long time and will require considerable efforts from the global community. We will post further updates shortly.

STI UK’s collection box is in the main Reception; donations (cheque or cash) can be made via Vicki Jones – email: victoria-jones@sti-limited.com or t: + 44(0)1256 746765.


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