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The After Affects of Typhoon Haiyan Across the Philippines

The After Affects of Typhoon Haiyan Across the Philippines

Typhoon Haiyan has caused widespread devastation across the central Philippines and claimed a high number of lives. We remain concerned for all of the Filipinos caught up in this catastrophe but we are relieved to report, that to date, none of our STI Philippines (STI-P) colleagues has suffered any personal or family losses and whilst homes have been damaged and lost, everyone has survived.

Following the Government warnings, we closed up our Cebu factory on Thursday 8th November. The storm hit the area on Friday but we escaped the worst of it and suffered no loss or damage to our buildings or equipment and our STI-P team was back at work for the Saturday afternoon shift, working on auxiliary power as the mains supply was temporarily knocked out by the storm.

“Super Typhoon” Haiyan* (also called Typhoon Yolanda) hit the Philippines’ eastern-central seaboard on Friday, bringing gusts that reached 379 km/h (235mph), waves as high as 15m (45ft) and up to 400mm (15.75 inches) of rain in places. The death toll is expected to be significant and it is reported over half a million people have been displaced – the total numbers are unknown at this stage.

However, the Philippines extend nearly 2,000 km from North to South and the majority of the country was relatively unscathed, including Manila. The PEZA zone in which STI operates is well protected against natural risks, being on higher land and away from the sea.

This is an extreme natural incident and we will focus on “business as usual” and will be offering any  assistance we can to the broader Filipino community.   STI UK are making a charity collection over the next few weeks to send out to the Philippines via the STI-P Team who are best placed to advise where the money will be best utilized.

STI UK’s collection box is in the main Reception; cheque donations can be made via Vicki Jones – email: victoria-jones@sti-limited.com or t: 01256 746765 ( Donations for the Philippines)

*Information Source:  BBC News


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