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STI to present a paper at the ARMMS RF & Microwave Society Conference

STI to present a paper at the ARMMS RF & Microwave Society Conference

The next ARMMS RF & Microwave Society conference is being held at the Oxford Belfry between Monday 23rd April and Tuesday 24th April.  STI will be presenting the following paper for consideration for the ‘Best Paper Award’:

Power Amplifier Design using Discrete GaN Transistors – Extending Frequency Bandwidth

Speaker: Lord Ali

Company: Surface Technology International Ltd


The design of power amplifiers for narrow frequency bandwidths is well understood and many designs, papers and application notes are available to support this. Proven techniques are utilised in order that these designs can be easily realised. But, when a design requires the bandwidth to be extended, such as that presented in this example from 2 to 6GHz, certain device parameters are compromised. The power efficiency may be degraded as well as the overall gain. The required output power may not be delivered and device stability may also be compromised as well as device linearity. In this paper, a design is presented, where the frequency bandwidth has been extendComed between 2 to 6GHz. The simulations performed and techniques used during the design process are discussed, in order to present a stable final design, with a focus on delivering the maximum available output power for the given bandwidth. But more importantly what compromises have had to be made in order for this to occur. The final design will be tested using CW signals.



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