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STI Sponsors Annual Student Robotics Competition

STI Sponsors Annual Student Robotics Competition

STI is now the sponsor for a team of nine students aged 16-19 from Barton Peveril College in Eastleigh for their entry into the annual Student Robotics competition.

We have met with the team called ‘Design Automated Mechatronics Corp’ and have agreed to assist with both funding and technical solutions.

We have been investigating varied technologies and currently working towards a solution using suction cups and computer vision from a webcam to identify objects while in motion. There are plans to develop a robust outer shell to ensure no breakages against other robots

Competition is currently set for April 2017

Image below: Current robot prototype design with hinged doors and a mounted webcam.


Relevant websites: Student robotics www.studentrobotics.org  | DAMCorp www.damcorp.co.uk

STI Team consists of:

  • Andreas Learmonth
  • Steve Croxford
  • Laura Chandler
  • Michelle Colwell
  • Nick Davey

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