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STI Introduces An Important New IT Platform Solution

STI Introduces An Important New IT Platform Solution

Surface Technology International Ltd has made a substantial IT investment by implementing a new Manufacturing Execution System (MES) at its manufacturing and operations facility in the UK.

As part of its continuous improvement plan and to meet today’s manufacturing challenges and customer demands for ever-more efficiency, STI have entered the brave new world of “real time” information.

Chris Lyon, STI Director of Operations and champion for MES said: “ This is a game changer for our business.  The technology joins the whole business together end-to-end from R&D data right through to all factory processes, materials and equipment.  Our MES system keeps track of all manufacturing information in real time which drives a reduction in cycle-time and the total time to produce an order.”

STI has completed its first round of tests by sending real-time data to pilot customers’ smart phones; this not only makes tracking of their PCB assembly completely transparent but also will eliminate many time consuming calls to track orders.

The system’s key features include abilities to convert CAD/BOM data into process designs, programs and documentation, to control production line and materials set-up verification, to deliver interactive and version-controlled shop floor documentation, to conduct CAD (intelligent quality and test management) and to deliver user-defined real-time dashboards and historical reports.

“The MES system is a key strategic tool for us in developing a technology and process edge with our top customers and it will underpin our further growth ambitions,” added Chris. “The next stage is to have a global Manufacturing Execution System which links to our Philippines manufacturing facility: this isn’t far away – technologically speaking – and I’m very excited by that potential.”


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