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Detector Assembly Case Study

Detector Assembly Case Study

Detector Assembly Case Study

Customer Background

Our customer is a renowned international company engaged in the development and support of leading-edge aerospace and defence systems to government departments and global organisations across the defence, security, aerospace and commercial market sectors.

STI brief

Surface Technology International (STI) was approached to review an existing product and to provide technical guidance to the customer on elements of a new and enhanced hand-held detector.

The work centred on analysing the Human Module Interface (HMI) and preparing alternative build structures to improve robustness and to reduce cost.

Manufacturing / Project Management

STI’s Research and Development and Production teams worked together to produce high quality designs that were ready to manufacture through the extensive use of Design for Manufacture (DFM) and Design for Test (DFT) techniques.

Production engineers were able to redesign two printed circuit boards (PCBs) and to simplify a two-PCB solution for the key mat assembly into a single board solution.  This was accomplished by presenting multiple proposals to the customer highlighting the best areas for new components, minimising changes to other parts of the design and including allowance for future expansion. 

The R&D team identified potential issues and suggested solutions to the customer to improve sealing, aesthetic appearance and robustness.  The concepts were continually reviewed with production departments to validate manufacturability and to maintain quality.  Key suppliers were proposed and agreed and prototype designs were completed.  These allowed different materials and surface finishes to be trialled, verifying design intent and ensuring user operation was of the highest standard in order to maintain performance in highly demanding environments.

Testing and customer reviews were held to prove reliability and maintain project deliverables.  Full data packs were created to produce the new designs and approve the successful production manufacture.



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