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More Investment in STI Manufacturing

More Investment in STI Manufacturing

STI is constantly investing in its manufacturing facilities. Listed below are details of our two latest investments: CT Scanning X-Ray and Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

CT Scanning X-Ray – STI has been using x-ray for many years as a means of process control for BGA, POP and QFN devices. We have recently invested in three CT (Computer Tomography) Scanning X-Rays which takes the technology into a new dimension. The CT scan will produce a 3D graphic image of a selected internal feature of a PCBA – such as a BGA joint or a via-hole, for example. Once the scan is taken, the image can then be magnified, manipulated and cross-sectioned on any axis to give the ultimate non-destructive analysis. 

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) – MES is a software system that will be used in STI’s UK and Philippines plants to control factory data flow in an electronic paperless environment. Advantages include: paperless work instructions, automatic tracking of any product on either site, real-time collation and reporting of quality data from inspection, AOI and test, control of ECN’s, productivity analysis and progress reports to customers via electronic interfaces including iPad. The MES pilot scheme completes in May 2012 with roll-out due over the following 12 months.


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