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Specialist Test Facility

Specialist Test Facility

New Investment in specialist RF Screened Room

Surface Technology International Ltd has added to its roster of specialist equipment by investing in an ETS-Lindgren S81 RF (Radio Frequency) screened room – at its UK manufacturing facility.

The screened room  – which is  insulated from  external sources of sound and electromagnetic waves – enables STI to offer a further level of bespoke in-house product testing.  The room is the perfect solution for testing wireless devices by preventing any harmful or disruptive signal emissions from affecting the operation of other localised equipment such as mobile phones or, conversely, it will isolate the test prototype from unwanted on-air signals that could interfere with its accurate calibration as a sensitive receiver. Today, this testing is a standard part of most prototype wireless product test and verification processes and is becoming essential for the rapid rollout of new products to the market.

The state-of-the-art screened room is large enough – at 9m2 – to seat a technician at a workbench with all additional test equipment to hand. With greater than 90dB isolation at 1GHz to RF signals, it provides a clean RF environment that delivers great accuracy of test results with repeatability and complete reliability. The room comes fully equipped with RF N-type bulkhead connectors mounted on a panel that allows the RF test signals to safely penetrate the metal-screened room without compromising the shielding integrity. In addition, it has a waveguide feed-through with a fibre optic interface that can allow non-galvanic connections with the device under test, if necessary. There is an abundant supply of mains filtered sockets on the inside of the room with honeycomb-type shielded air vents to permit smooth airflow through the filter, whilst also preventing any RF penetration.

Simon Best, Managing Director, commented: “This new investment reflects our on-going commitment to superlative product testing as part of our total customer service offering. With the RF screened room now in situ, it will add a further competitive advantage to our clients, enabling them to trial new ideas and prototypes with test times reduced by as much as 50%.  Coupled with our onsite Research & Development team, we now offer support throughout the whole product development process to remain at the forefront of Contract Electronics Manufacturing.”


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