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UK Manufacturing Facility

UK Manufacturing facility – Hook,Hampshire

We are constantly improving and investing in our facilities in the UK. Our facility is acknowledged as one of the most technically advanced in the UK and we ensure that many of the processes are mirrored in the Philippines factory.

Our UK capabilities include:

Design for Manufacture and Test – A team of experienced manufacturing and test engineers will provide DFX advice and reports using advanced software packages based on STI manufacturing rules-files.

New Product Introduction – In a dedicated room, we make low volume runs with rapid turnaround times to support customer development needs for new products.

Surface Mount assembly – Using ASM Siplace and Mydata pick-and-place machines, we can operate down to 01005, 0.25mm BGA and 30um accuracy. We have 5 lines with a combined capability of over 200,000 components per hour.

Conventional through-hole assembly – Customer-focused teams manage a product through final assembly to IPC-A-610 and J-STD-001 Class 3 standard. We have lead-free and tin-lead capability.

Wavesolder and Selective Solder – Capability in both lead-free and tin-lead solder alloy.

Vacuum vapour-phase soldering – STI was the first UK CEM to use this technique. It gives a high integrity joint which is virtually void free. The soldering atmosphere is inert so that oxidation is eliminated to produce “perfect” joints.

Test – We have extensive test facilities utilising many industry standard platforms: Takaya roving probe, J-Tag, X-Jtag, Goepel and Asset boundary scan, Teradyne and Aeroflex ICT, Aeroflex and National Instruments functional test. We will design and implement test solutions for our customers.

Environmental Testing – 9 ESS chambers with liquid nitrogen cooling. 2 chambers have additional random vibration capability for highly accelerated life testing (HALT).

Box-Build and Test – A dedicated facility – soon to double in size – can accommodate activities ranging from low-volume aircraft wiring to IPC-A-620 standard to medium-volume assembly and test. Bespoke cells are designed and laid out to provide the best process flow for each product.

Coating and Encapsulation – We are capable of handling a huge variety of materials and techniques from spray coating, dip coating to potting, encapsulation and robotic underfill. Our engineers will design a process to suit the needs of the product.

Special Processes – We have a technology centre with operators skilled in IPC-7711/21 to support specialist needs. Services include BGA re-balling, specialist modifications, X-Ray and XRF analysis and micro-section.

Product Support – A dedicated facility for supporting legacy products, spares and repairs and out-of-warranty product test, repair and refurbishment.

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STI is constantly investing in its manufacturing facilities.



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