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Investing for their Future – Surface Technology International UK and Philippines

Investing for their Future – Surface Technology International UK and Philippines

Surface Technology International has completed some key parts of its 2012/2013 investment strategy in both people and technology:

After 6 months of dedicated training in the STI Manufacturing facility in Hook, UK, Christy Cuyos and Marilen Enghug, both employees from STI Philippines, returned home with UK qualifications in IPC-7711B/7721B (Rework, Modification and Repair of Electronic Assemblies) with special focus on Advanced Repair and BGA Removal and Replacement.  Christy and Marilen also worked through a structured programme of training covering all areas of PCB manufacturing (IPC-A-610E Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies and IPC J-STD-001E – Requirement for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies).  This training was a significant investment of staff time and resources but represents the start of a key commitment to the ongoing training of employees in the STI Philippines factory to replicate the highest standards of manufacturing skill across the STI platform.

Christy and Marilen, in turn, are utilising this specialist knowledge to train other Filipino colleagues to a higher standard. Chris Lyon, Operations Director for STI, said: “This has been an invaluable experience for Christy and Marilen as evidenced by their impressive individual achievements and exemplary application: they have set a high benchmark for the training programme going forward. We now have the process, structure and team in place to get momentum behind this programme and we are getting ready for the next group of Filipino workers to come over and train in the UK.

“Our ongoing investment isn’t stopping with just the people,” added Dave Ellis, Operations Manager, STI UK.  “We have just purchased 3 new XYLON X-Ray machines – one has been shipped to the Philippines and is already installed and running on our 2nd manufacturing line and we have upgraded 2 lines in Hook with new X-Rays.”   STI sourced the 3 new top-of-the-range XYLON X-Ray machines through distributor Altus, choosing the Y.Cheetah Systems.  One of the machines installed within the UK plant is fitted with CT (Computer Tomography). STI will use the systems for process control and analytical procedures so that they and their customers can always refer to the technical data output to verify and guarantee production quality. “In our part of the PCB manufacturing market we need ultra-high quality, precision and accuracy – the three areas that are absolutely crucial to our customers,” stated Dave Ellis. “We need to be able to offer our customers verifiable assurances in any problem solving discussions so the ability to back up our answers and our product output with hard analytical facts is vital: the addition of this new equipment to our lines is a significant step forward in that quest.”


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