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Harnessing and Growing the Knowledge in STI

Harnessing and Growing the Knowledge in STI

At STI we are nurturing top graduate engineering talent and also investing into new skills and expertise for key employees.

Chris Lyon, Director of Operations was there to see the new Interns joining STI during June and July saying: This is such a great investment on both sides of the fence for us – being able to attract top quality engineering students to spend their internship with us shows that we are operating at the top end of our industry as we have such a diverse range of high-end products for them to witness going through the manufacturing process.  Equally, it was good to see one of last year’s interns coming back to us – which, hopefully, is indicative of what we have to offer!  It’s so important to nurture the new talent coming through in UK Engineering and we really value their observations, insights and new ideas as it keeps us on our toes!”  Further supporting this, we are recruiting graduate talent to start employment at STI in October 2013.

Not only is STI seeing the engineers of the future come through in the form of raw talent, but it is also investing from within: as a terrific example of this – and a great achievement – is the recent award to Steve Croxford, one of STI’s Production Engineering Managers, of a 1st Class Honours Degree in Engineering (BSc).  “I am delighted for Steve that he obtained this top degree,” stated Chris. “STI sponsored Steve, but through his own personal commitment and massive time investment he has produced a great personal result that will bring further added value to STI.”

Continuing the theme of developing talent within the company and leveraging STI’s best knowhow, two STI Philippines colleagues – the latest in an on-going programme – are spending 5 months in the UK learning all the latest processes we operate here to re-export back to the Philippines engineering team.  The aim is to ensure a seamless transfer of work and consistent standard of operation between the UK and Philippines, as well as familiarity with the latest equipment and processes in the PCBA market. 

These stories emphasise the importance of hiring and retaining the best talent in the industry to offer customers the best skills and experience to tackle the engineering and technological challenges of the latest products – especially in the high reliability sectors at which STI excels.


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