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Crossing the 2 Oceans – HETECH in Brisbane Partners with STI Ltd

Crossing the 2 Oceans – HETECH in Brisbane Partners with STI Ltd

Surface Technology International Ltd (STI) is pleased to announce a new partnership with Hetech Pty. Ltd of Brisbane, Australia. This is a new business relationship created to enable UK and European customers to capitalize on Hetech’s engineering expertise whilst Hetech can offer their customers access to high-volume production in the STI Philippines facility in Asia.

Both companies are united by their specialism in Contract Electronics Manufacturing (CEM) and have invested in high-end technology, achieving extensive certification within their respective market sectors. Both business have been established within the CEM industry for over 20 years and have experience in a complementary range of market sectors.

Hetech has a range of customers which operate within mining, agriculture, refrigeration, automotive, water treatment, building industry, weather sensors, meat processors and motor controllers and with this can offer STI UK customers their knowledge and long experience with design and engineering to enable product to get to market effectively – the full “turnkey” approach.

STI complements Hetech with their experience in the defence, aerospace, automotive, telecoms, medical, satellite and commercial sectors. STI is headquartered in the UK but has the unique offering of a manufacturing facility in Asia, based in Cebu, Philippines. This facility is a mirror of the well-established UK operation in terms of quality, equipment and processes but is set up to offer high-volume manufacturing, operating 24/7.

Hetech recently showcased the STI/Hetech partnership when they attended the “ElectroneX 2013” (Electronics Design & Assembly Expo), in Melbourne. “This was a great opportunity to talk to our existing customers and new prospects about our partnership with STI UK. The fact that we can move into higher-volume manufacturing, with the ability to offer assured high-quality output and product which is sourced competitively, will bring clear benefits we can pass on to our customers,” said Mark Steiner, General Manager of Hetech.

Simon Best, Managing Director of STI, commented on the relationship: “This is another step for STI into the global market place that leverages our Asian-based manufacturing facility. Through our linked Global Procurement Team and Manufacturing operation, the transition of business from country to country is seamless. The UK has been operating across to Asia now for over 3 years so our processes, systems and operations are aligned which means Hetech has the opportunity of offering their customers the assurance of a reliable, high quality and consistent manufacturing operation. We are excited to be working the Hetech team and working within new market sectors.”


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